One Gasoline Station





You Made Yourself Another One


Salad Dressing Cover no-dutch-details


A Place of Interest goldfinger a-place-of-interest Wish You Were Here 4 Sooty Stormy Seas Corridors


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sunset-strip Another of the Buildings on Sunset One of the Buildings on Sunset One Gasoline Station Some of the Buildings on the Sunset Strip Democratic Multiple


Postcards from America Record


Pheasant on the Crescent Pheasant by Kane’s Wall Pheasant in the Prefabs Sitting Room


outtakes thumb mice Pigeon Rat Winter Gardens


Fiftytwo Shopping Trolleys Homeless People distractions Homeless Person #2 Homeless Person #1


Fortynine Coach Seats Travelling Along the M4


For the last eleven years I have been collecting artists’ books that reference, mimic, are made in homage to, or just completely rip-off the iconic books made by Ed Ruscha. To date I have a collection of over 100 books and collaborate on the project with Michalis Pichler, another avid collector of Ruscha-esque books. We have organised three exhibitions of our joint collections of these books, under the the title Follow-ed (after hokusai) at the Winchester Gallery, Winchester School of Art (2nd February to 10th March 2011), Arnolfini, Bristol (15th March to 1st May 2011) and at Gallery P74, Ljubljana (11th March to 3rd April 2011). Please see below for installation views of the exhibitions.

The collection and quest for more books continues. Some of the books are obtained because we can see a link, not knowing if the artist has been consciously trying to replicate Ed Ruscha. Most of the books are direct references to the style or subject-matter of Ruscha’s originals. The one overriding factor is that they all contain an element of humour reminiscent of Ruscha, and we still get really excited with each new discovery.

Michalis and myself are still keen to hear of any Ruscha-style books that you may have made or know about. Please get in contact.

For more information on Michalis Pichler, please visit:

Follow-ed Arnolfini

Follow-ed (after hokusai) at Arnolfini. Also contains Jonathan Monk's collection of the original Ruscha and Williams Crackers and Arnolfini's collection of Ruscha books.

Follow-ed Arnolfini
Follow-ed Arnolfini
Follow-ed Arnolfini
Follow-ed Arnolfini
Follow-ed Winchester

Follow-ed (after hokusai) at the Winchester Gallery.

Follow-ed Winchester
Follow-ed Winchester
Follow-ed Winchester
Follow-ed Winchester


Many of the books seen in the book section of this website are now available from Lulu. These include second editions of previously released books as well as new books only available from Lulu. Please visit for further information and to buy books.


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Much of the work seen on this website is for sale. Please contact me at for enquiries and prices, or visit to buy many of my books through Lulu.


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